Our vision is to bring a whole new type of imaging medicine where AI works hand in hand with experts for medical image information extraction and diagnostics for precision medicine.

digital pathology

Our Mission

Democratizing artificial intelligence (AI) applications for increasing access and quality of healthcare. Crosscope is building an advanced system combining AI with human knowledge to transform the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Our Strategy

We are building a vendor neutral environment to accelerate broad adoption of digital pathology. Our goal is to facilitate deploying scalable Artificial Intelligence and Computational Pathology tools to provide a better standard of care for individuals around the globe.

digital pathology

Our Team

digital pathology
Jayendra Shinde, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO
cloud pathology
Ketan Bacchuwar, PhD
Co-Founder & CTO
UCSF digital pathology
Dmytro Lituiev, PhD
Chief Data Scientist
UCSF digital pathology
Mark Zuckerman, MD
VP of Business Development

Our Advisors

stanford digital pathology
Jeanne Shen, MD
Professor of Pathology
Stanford University, California
liver digital pathology
Julien Calderaro, MD PhD
Professor of Pathology
Hospital Henri Mondor, Paris
stanford pathology
Olivier Gevaert, PhD
Professor of Biomedical Informatics
Stanford University, California