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digital pathology

Transforming Pathology with Human-in-the-loop AI

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pathology network


Get connected,
be collaborative

Instantly, simply and securely share studies with anyone in the world.

Inspect, navigate and perform image annotations on any type of microscopic imaging data from different vendors without having to switch to a new viewer for each vendor-specific format.

Remote collaborators can view slide images and access analysis results within studies. Off-site pathologists can participate actively in multidisciplinary team meetings by annotating and describing features on a user-specific layer or passively by tracking other observation paths in real-time.


Elevating pathologists,
anywhere, anytime

Cope with your increasingly large pathology workload and carry out seamless consultation and discussion between peers.

Easily access, explore and annotate your scanned tissue slides anywhere at any time and share sample features on-the-go with pathologists on-site and off-site.

With support for almost every digital slide format on the market, establish real-time collaboration on microscopy images from anywhere in the world.

virtual pathology


Stay informed,
stay ahead of the curve

Improve your medical knowledge and stay up to date with real-world medical cases, diagnoses, and treatments.

Using your web browser and our zero-footprint HTML5 medical imaging viewer, share your best didactic slides in your collection with other physicians in real-time.

Virtual microscopy-based case review environment available anywhere at any time and compatible with all major whole-slide imaging formats let you work on your entire collection and the collections of your colleagues too.


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